Keeping a facility current with OSHA and safety compliance requirements is a full time job. We are a resource for you to achieve your goals providing a variety of services all designed to fit your needs.

Review & Audit

An expert review of your OSHA programs and wall-to-wall facility audit identifies program status, needs and remedies for full compliance. We can then determine the full range of applicable standards and develop program materials to match your application of these standards. Our approach is a set of simple, tailored, site-specific program materials that also include easy to use tools that make maintaining compliance an easy process

Maintenance Program Options

  • Safety Manager Program – CSI would essentially act as your safety manager. We would be in your facilities as required providing inspections, training, reviews and any necessary updates due to code changes. We would also be available for on-call consultation

  • Program Review – This would consist of a quarterly mini-facility audit, review of programs and facilities, with program upgrades as necessary. Once a year, a full audit would be performed.

  • Program Updates – If you select this option, CSI would provide you any necessary program updates and up to 5 hours of support per month.

  • On-call support – This is simply a “call when you need us” approach.

Achieving Compliance

Usually in such an analysis as described above, deficiencies may be identified. Items may need to be stored differently, processes may need to change, studies may need to be done or training provided. CSI will work with you to achieve compliance within your company, including providing expert training on how to administer the program.

We can design an approach that suits your unique needs. This is only a sample of the services we provide. Contact us for further information!