Compliance Specialists, Inc. provides comprehensive OSHA compliance programs to industry.  Established in 1994, our combined backgrounds in manufacturing, law, business strategy and OSHA compliance allow us to evaluate solutions from all perspectives.  Our practical approach provides for a company to achieve ownership for their programs, as well as gain a more profound understanding of the requirements.

Our core competency is the ability to identify and create repeatable processes. By doing so, we have helped companies reduce the workload related to OSHA compliance.  Our programs maximize training dollars by allowing much of it to be done on the factory floor.  Our clients have practical roadmaps to follow that are free of technical jargon.

All of our materials have been developed and tested in real world environments in many different industries.  Our programs have withstood the test of OSHA scrutiny and are designed with specifications reflecting the individual type of business.

Approximately four years ago, we translated these processes into our innovative, easy to use Lockout/Tagout Software. This software is used in many different types of businesses from metal processing plants, to food processing plants to chemical plants. We also provide a turnkey lockout/tagout system development service for those companies who wish to have the benefits of a standardized system, but just don’t have the resources to develop it on their own.

Most recently, in a long-standing tradition of bringing quality, easy to use products to the market place, Compliance Specialists, Inc. has collaborated with the best of the best filtration and air flow experts to provide safe mail handling at a reasonable cost. PostalSentry™ is a desktop workstation that pulls airborne contaminates away from an individual and contains those particles in a state of the art filtration system. It is proven at a minimum level 99.3% efficiency at capturing 1 micron particle sizes.

Today’s business environment requires the ability to be flexible and agile in creating effective relationships with both customers and vendors. At CSI, we have the ability to create a virtual team by linking with the best resources in the particular field that we need. We believe this ability to manage virtual partnerships and team-based approach provides the best value to our clients.